The Modern Day Tooth Fairy

toothfairyLosing one’s baby teeth is still a pretty big deal. Why not use this opportunity to celebrate growing up by making the visit from the tooth fairy a special event? Here are some ways (simple and inexpensive) that you can add a little magic to the experience. In the old days, when a child lost a tooth, they’d stick it under their pillow and find a quarter there the next morning. These days, the tooth fairy has gotten a lot more creative.

Here are 3 ideas to make your child’s tooth fairy experience a great one!

  1. Catch the tooth fairy in the act.
    Create a photo of the tooth fairy making a visit to see your child by taking a picture of them sleeping the night the fairy visits. Upload it to and receive a digital image that shows the tooth fairy herself in the middle of her transaction. ($10 charge).
  1. Use a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Consider using a tooth fairy pillow for your child to place their lost teeth in. You can buy a pre-made tooth fairy pillow from a store or make one yourself using a few craft supplies, such as cotton fabric and batting. A standard tooth fairy pillow looks like a tiny pillow with a small pocket. You can write your child’s name on the tooth fairy pillow using colorful glitter glue. Here’s a link to creating your very own pillow:

  1. Sprinkle Fairy Dust Under the Pillow or Leading Up to the Door

If you can handle the glitter clean-up, some parents like to sprinkle glitter (fairy dust) around the money or gift that’s left under your child’s pillow as proof that the tooth fairy has been there to visit. To make it even more magical spray glitter on a coin or bill itself.

You can also turn your child’s lost tooth into an opportunity to teach proper dental care with a few other tooth fairy ideas. Place a new toothbrush with toothpaste under their pillow with a note encouraging them to brush.